Thursday, March 17, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance

Actual Date: Saturday, February 19, 2011

The girls were so excited because tonight was the big Daddy Daughter Dance that they have been waiting for!  This was to be Ava's first year to attend.  She was just too little to go last year.  Plus, if I remember correctly she was sick.

I wanted to make it special for the girls so I set up a at home salon like I did last year.  I don't think I would have gotten away with not doing it.  Brooke had been telling Ava how fun it was going to be for the past couple weeks.  They were both so excited.

I set up all the best lotions, foot scrubs, nail polishes and perfumes.

I even went back to my roots and lit on of my favorite Gold Canyon candles.

And they had their very own bottle of Peach Sparkling Cider.  Non Alcoholic of course!

Their faces when they first saw it.

"It tickles!"

Soaking Sisters

After all the pampering and primping was done, it was time to get dressed.

Brooke's outfit:

Ava's outfit:

 I lucked out with the dresses.  I found them at Marshall's for $15.00 each!  It says their original price would have been $50.00!  And I believe it.  They were very elegant.  They were both Cinderella edition dresses by Special Occasions.  I just looked at their website and they have some adorable dresses at very good prices if anyone is looking for something like this.  They also have a "Dress and Doll" section where you can get your daughter and her favorite doll a matching dress.  How cute is that?  

Why didn't they have that kinda stuff when I was growing up?  My Barbie's knees didn't even bend! 

Anyways back to the dresses.  I got Ava's dress for 5 bucks cheaper because I showed the girl at the register that it had a pen mark on it and she marked it down!  It was hardly noticeable and I was able to get it mostly out when we got home.

 Look at that sisterly love.  There's nothing like it.

Ava looks like she's about ready to sock Brooke in the stomach.

 Someone maneuvered his way in front of the lens.  He doesn't like when he's not the center of attention.

 Daddy and his girls all dressed and ready to go.

 His tie matches their dresses so perfectly huh?  It was the same one he wore last year and it worked out perfect this year again.  It's like it was made just for that night.

 Brooke wanted to get a picture of the two of us together since everyone else was getting their picture taken.

Brian took these at the dance:

 Ava and Isabelle

Ava and Grayson

Brian said that Brooke refused to dance even though a ton of her friends where there.  Even a lot of girls from her Dance class.  He said they kept running up to her trying to drag her out on the dance floor and she would not go.  Little toot.  She gets shy sometimes.  

When they got home both girls told me they had the time of their lives.  They got to go on a horse drawn carriage and they got some great goodies to bring home. Plus after the dance Brian and a few of the other dads took all the girls out for some frozen yogurt at our favorite yogurt place. 

I'm just wondering why they didn't get any yogurt to go for the Mama? 


Kristine said...

OK! I LOVE that you set up a pedi set. Such a good momma you are! OH and BTW...I"m stealing that idea!

Bethany said...

I was working at the yogurt store that night, and the girls were so adorable! If I remember correctly, they were still dancing some!

Kyla said...

Steal away Kristine! It was almost as much fun for me as it was for them.

Bethany! You should have made him bring me some home! I read that y'all have lids now. He should have got some to-go!

Trabert family said...

Oh, Kyla so cute!! That is the cutest ever. Can't wait for my girls to get to the age! I wish Shaun would do fun stuff with them. I remember going to father daughter dances with my dad!! One was themed the 50's it was fun!

Kyla said...

Girls are so much fun! Brian loves doing special stuff with the girls. Wait till they get a little bit older and I bet you hubby will too. I remember going to a dance with my Dad for Girl Scouts and I think it was a 50's one too!