Saturday, February 9, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance 2013

It's that time of year again.

Daddy Daughter Dance time!

Time to bust out the sparkling grape juice and get the at home salon ready!  This is our third year doing this tradition and it just keeps getting more fun.

The girls look forward to it so much, and I love their excitement about it.

Ava said "Why don't you teach Daddy how to do this girl stuff?  He is taking us to the dance, this should be his job you know?"

Ava wore the dress Brooke wore two years ago.  

While I was getting the girls ready Brian brought me a picture he had in his bedside table from that dance.  The girls looked so little!  Here's a link to the post about that dance.  

Two years ago... seriously?  Wow.  

And I had to get a picture of Ava's shoes.  She had to have them.  She has a problem... a Michael Kors problem.  I blame Auntie Chelsea.

The girls helped me find what they wanted their hair to look like.  Ava picked this look.  She said it is like one of the fairy's on her Barbie Fairytopia movie.  

Brooke's turn for pampering!

Brookie's Cinderella dress.  I just love that brand.  It's like the 5th Cinderella dress we've bought.

Parker thinks Sissy is pretty.

Staged picture warning!  I told the girls to hug and act like they like each other.

That lasted about two seconds.

Daddy with his girls

A few minutes a go Brian sent me this picture.

And this one.  Looks like they're having fun.

And so are we!

Spending some one on one time with my littlest man.  We're enjoying a Thomas The Train marathon.  I was just informed that we have to "watch just 5 more Thomas and then we can take a bath and brush our teeth."  Sounds good to me boy!