Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My (not so) Little Man

Parker had his Spring pictures taken at school a few weeks ago.  I can't believe he's my "baby."  My baby is not a baby at all anymore!  

He's becoming such a little man more and more every day.  

He is obsessed with opening and closing doors for us girls.  

He cracks people up daily with his politician handshake routine.  

His newest thing is freaking out whenever we see a trash truck or tractor.  Not just because he's a boy and boys love that kind of stuff, but because "It's dirty!"  Every time we see a tractor moving dirt he yells "Oh no!  Tractor's dirty!" 

He's such a lover.  Whenever his sisters are crying he always goes and asks them "You ok?  Why crying?"  ...Unless of course he's the one making them cry...

Even though I'm sad that my baby is growing up it's exciting to see what a sweet little man he is becoming.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Our two beautiful girls.

They are loving soccer.

And those little shin guard legs melt my heart.

It's so crazy how smells can take you back.  I swear their cleats smell like my childhood.  I played soccer  growing up and every time I help them tie their shoes I can smell that blend of leather, dirt and grass and it takes me right back there.

Parker is enjoying soccer too.

He's quite the sideline ham.  Most of the time he is off playing with his little friend Landon (Brooke's coach's son) or playing games on the Leap Pad.  But every once in awhile he will randomly shout out things like "Get the ball Brooke!" or "Don't touch it you hands girls!"  Roughly translated that means 'Don't touch it (the soccer ball) with your hands girls!' 

Saturday was Ava's first day to put on her uniform.  She had been waiting for this moment for weeks.  To say she was excited is an understatement.

She did a really good job out there.  She's been to all Brooke's practices and has been paying attention I think.  And we've been playing around in the yard so she had a lot more ball control than most of the other kids.  Brian and I had the best time watching her practice.  She is too much.  She's either full on intensely playing or else she's off in her own little world day dreaming.  I swear every time a butterfly went by she lost her focus.  It was hilarious. 

One other big event happened this Saturday too.

Brooke scored her first goal!

We were so proud.  The last few weeks she's had a hard time with being aggressive and getting in there to get near the ball.  Brooke has such a sweet, kind and caring heart and she was afraid to hurt someones feelings by taking the ball away.  We, as well as her coaches have been talking to her about being tough the past couple weeks and this weekend she went for it!  

She wasn't backing down from the boys on Friday night during their Friday Night Lights clinic and she carried with her to the field on Saturday.  This was the first game where she got right in there and it paid off.

We all went nuts when she scored.  I was so happy for her and her face was priceless.  

After the game we had to run and get some ice cream.  I may or may not have bribed promised her some ice cream if she scored a goal...  

Don't judge!  A Mom's gotta do what a Mom's gotta do right?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put A Sock In It

This is for everyone who loved my hair yesterday.  I'm telling y'all it's super easy!  Trust me, if I can do it you can do it.  It took me a few times of practicing to get it right but it was worth it.

Now I told a lot of you to go look at my hair board on Pintrest to find the tutorial but I just looked and it's wasn't there. I have now added it but I thought I would add it here as well. 

Rock that sock girls!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Festivities and Such

Seems like Easter came and went before we knew it this year.

  Maybe it snuck up on me because I was too busy pouting because Chelsea, Gram and the boys couldn't make it out this year.  This is the first Easter we've done without them.  Without any family for that matter.  

Holidays are always bitter sweet around here.  It's fun and exciting to see everything through the kids eyes but we're also sad because we aren't able to see the ones we love.

However, we did get to see this little guy via Facetime earlier this week.  And I just can't wait for July so I can squish and kiss him!

Like it or not, Easter was going to happen if we had family here to celebrate with us or not.  So we busted out the decorations and carried on.  

I forgot we had this fun little egg spinner from last year.

It reminds me of that Spin Art thing we used to play with as kids.  

This year, thanks to Pintrest we started a new tradition.  Resurrection Rolls! {via}  Her pictures are way better than mine because the lighting is so bad in my kitchen so head over there and check them out.  She also has a great kid friendly book that explains the death and resurrection of Christ. I need to find that for next year!  Although I was pleasantly surprised by Brooke's explanation and knowledge about the whole event.   She is listening! And thank you to our amazing Children's Ministry at church.  She is learning so much there every week. 

Basically you just need a few simple things to make the Resurrection Rolls.

1. 1 package Crescent Dinner rolls
2. 1 large marshmallow per roll
3. melted butter
4. Cinnamon and sugar mixture

First you dunk the the marshmallow in the butter and then roll it through the Cinnamon and sugar.  Parker's face is priceless here.

  Again, go back and read the original Resurrection Roll blog post because she has a great way of explaining the symbolism behind everything.  

In our house we kept it simple at least for now since the kids are still kinda young.  I told them that Jesus was pure and without sin and that's what the white marshmallow represents.  And then when we rolled on the Cinnamon and sugar I told them that represented our sin that Jesus took to the cross for us.

After that you roll the marshmallow up in one of the triangle rolls.  Be sure to pinch the edges real good. The kids needed a little help with this part.  

The roll represents the tomb Jesus' body was placed in for burial.

After cooking the rolls for 12 minutes at 350* they are ready.  Be sure to let them cool before handling.  

I sat the kids around the table so they could all see the big reveal.  When you cut into the roll you can see that the tomb is now empty.  He is Risen!

I just loved this hands on way of explaining things.  And the kids enjoyed it too.  They were actually really yummy as well.  We are going to do this every year from now on!

Sunday morning the kids got up early to see what the Easter Bunny had brought.  Here's Daddy trying to sneak a bite of Parker's peep.  Little man was not quite awake yet and was kind of confused as to why we were handing him candy first thing in the morning.  He was a little suspicious at first but once he took a bite he got over that.

After baskets we headed outside to see what Mr. E. Bunny had done with our eggs.

I love how these ones turned out.  Some of the shells got cracked when we were dying because of a certain boy who shell (pun intended) remain nameless.

Last night I had one last surprise for the kids.  I found this cool idea for a glow in the dark egg hunt {via} and I knew they would love it.  If you do this with your kids make sure you have LARGE eggs.  I struggled for about 10 minutes trying to get the bracelets into the regular sized eggs.  They kept popping back open.  And at one point one of the bracelets busted open spraying glow in the dark goo all over me and the girls dresser.  It was kind of cool looking.... It gave me a idea that I might come back to on down the road to make "tooth fairy dust."  But that's for a later date.

I finally broke down and grabbed the larger eggs out of each of the kids baskets.  Those worked a lot better.  And the designs on them kinda looked cool lit up.  After they were all stuffed with a glow stick each, I got to work hiding them around their rooms.
Hope you don't mind a little potty humor.  Tee he he.  I couldn't resist.

The kids loved it!  Now that I know the tricks I am going to stock up on sticks and large eggs for next year.  I think it would be fun to do a night time hunt with friends and family.

In other news: We could use some help around here.  

Parker has all of a sudden become terrified to sleep alone.  For the past week we have all dreaded bedtime.  He screams, cries, and shakes so bad he almost makes himself sick.  He just wants to get in our bed with us.  One night while I was out late at a meeting Brian let him sleep in Ava's bed with her and he was good with that.  He even slept on the floor in their room on his nap mat from school another night.  But last night he didn't want to be anywhere but with me or Brian.  

Welp, no luck.

We put him in bed last night at 8:00 and kept getting out, and we kept putting him back in until around 10:30 last night.  Every time we went back in there to put him back in bed we kept reassuring him that he was safe and that we were watching out for him and that we would be back to check on him soon. The few times we found him in his bed when we went back to check on him we praised him for obeying and staying in his bed.  And then I would rub his back for a minute or two and reassure him again that we were right outside his door and he was safe.  

By 11 both Brian and I were exhausted.  We were laying on the floor in the hallway with Chester and our phones, playing Scrambled with Friends praying he would fall asleep soon.  Every minute or two Parker would say "Mommy?!  Daddy?!" and we'd say "We're right here. You're ok.  Go to sleep."  Finally he gave in to pure exhaustion from all the crying and carrying on sometime after 11.  

Help!  Anyone been through this before?  What did you do?  After a week straight of this we're at our wits end.  We're desperate to have our peaceful bedtime routine back.

Oh and I forgot to share Parker's newest tattoo.  The "chicks" dig it!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

She's A Character. Literally.

This girl is too much.

Yesterday she got an early Birthday present from Grammy Girl.  I found this cool Rapunzel dress pattern and it looked way to advanced for me.  So I e mailed it to my cousin Chelsea and my Grandma.  :o)  Gram said it would cost more to make it than it would to buy.  Soon after she saw this cute little doll/ dress combo at Target and asked me to go check it out.

Ava fell in love instantly.  She wore this whole rocking outfit all day.  "Punzel" dress with "Jessie" boots. 

Uncle Kenny and Auntie Heather: Recognize the bow?

Auntie Diane: Recognize the glasses?

Not sure what was happening here...

Peace sign?

Gang signs?

No telling.  She is a California native after all.  Taking that into account I'd say it's a little of both.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Currently: My nose is a faucet.  Literally.  My allergies are kicking my butt this year.  It's so pretty outside but that pollen is one bad mama jama.

 Currently: We finished this fun little craft that Brooke's teacher asked us to make for the class.  When we were making them I couldn't help but thinking they looked kinda like Angry Birds.  

I think maybe Parker needs a Angry Birds party this year... Hum... 

And I really, really had to hold myself back from putting bows on the pink one's there.  How cute would that be?

 Currently: We are enjoying our Friday nights and Saturday Mornings at the soccer field.  Even if I ended up looking like a lobster by Saturday evening.

  Last Friday the TCU Girls Soccer team came to coach the kids.  They had a blast.

Ava is loving soccer too.  She's super fast and got quite the little leg on her.  

Recently: I cleaned out some boxes and found these gems:
 "When on the ladder of success, don't let a boy look up your dress."  That was my senior quote in the yearbook.  Classy huh?  My Auntie Diane made me that sweet pillow.

I also found a stack of left over invites from our wedding.  Look how cute we are as cartoons.

My sweet little innocent Mom had this on her Van back in the day.  Can you believe it?  And does anyone know where that Van is today?  That thing was one of a kind.

I liked LOVED these things when I was a kid.  I think I read them about a million gazillion times.

Mix tapes!  Remember making tapes?!  I so wish I had a tape player so I could hear what I recorded.  I now there's commercials on some of those.  I swear I listened to those things until they were wore the heck out.  And when you got tired of that mix, you just taped over them.

That was back in the day when I used to listen to 99.1 KGGI Baby!  And the fat five @ nueve!  I am dying laughing right now.  And so are all my friends from back home.  Remember that?!  We thought we were so cool back then.  Wow.

Currently: I am depressed.  

Every year since we've moved here my sweet little nephews have come for Easter.  It's our tradition.  Well this is the first year they are not going to be able to make it.  Their school changed their Spring break schedule.  :o(  I am so so sad.  

And I don't wanna talk about it.  I'm gonna go pout now.