Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Papa's Farewell Ceremony

Ok so it's been awhile again.  It's been busy around here but today I am forced to take a break.  Some of you may know that I somehow injured my Achilles Tendon while in California and I just tried to ignore it for that whole month but I just tried to ignore it.  When I got back home I finally broke down and saw the Dr. and I have been doing Physical Therapy since.  Things were starting to get better until I woke up on Sunday with my ankle black and blue.  

I have no idea what I did but it hurts something fierce.  Why does that always happen?  You bang into something and it hurts like heck and you just know that you're going to have a nasty bruise when you wake up in the morning. But instead you get nothing.  Then when you finally do have a nasty bruise, you have no Earthly idea where or how you got it.

Anyways, I saw the Podiatrist again on Monday after my PT and he said he wants me to stay off of it for 10 days.  Really?  10 days?  Have you met my kids?  I am trying my best to stay off of it because I am beyond ready to get back to life, and the gym.  So anyways here I am resting with my feet up and I have nothing else to do but sit here and catch up on my blog finally. 

So let's get to it!

Actual Date: Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This was a busy and emotional day.  A year ago my Papa passed away but before he did he asked for his ashes to be scattered in the ocean.  He was in the Navy and his heart belonged at sea.  Since all the family was together my Mom arranged a great day for us all to say our final goodbyes.     

Early that morning my Dad came over sporting his Skellenger Family Doins' shirt.  He missed all the fun the night before because he was at work but we saved him a shirt so he wouldn't feel too left out.

Ginny was already hard at work making the flower flag for Papa's ceremony.

It was great because she let everyone, including the kids help.

It made it even more special that everyone had their own part in it.

Parker was loving Cindi this day.

Grandpa Donnie with the kids.  

The finished product.  Isn't it beautiful?  Thank you so much for doing this Ginny.  It was the perfect addition to the day.

Ginny made some arrangements with the left over flowers for the kids to give to their Moms.

After everyone was dressed and ready we headed down to the beach to board the ship.

Chels and Jeff

My Mom.  I was so excited that she was able to come along.  Not like she was going to let anything stop her.  There was no way to get her on the ship than to carry her up.  Poor thing had bruises and was so stiff the next day from it but she'd do it all over again if she had to.  


Jacob and Cindi

Parker and I

Parker and Grandpa

Auntie Diane and Brooke

Heather and Kenny


Ann and Jacob

This picture has a funny story.  Right after it was taken the Captain of the boat rushed up the stairs to the top deck and said "Ma'am, please do not touch that stuff.  Everything up here works..."  It was halarious because Ann was the one who instigated it all and got in trouble.  Not the kids.  

I had to get a good picture of Parker's shirt.  It was perfect for the day.  It said "This is your Captain speaking."

When we finally got out to the ocean the Captain turned off the motor and we watched as they scattered Papa's ashes off the back of the boat.  He threw in some flower petals with it and dropped in the flower flag close behind.  The whole thing was beautiful.

Another one of my favorite parts of the whole day was when everyone gathered around the sides of the boat and got to throw in a single long stem rose each.  

It was a beautiful sight to see the path of flowers leading out to Papa's final resting place.

Even though my heart was heavy and it was hard to say goodbye I was filled with a sense of peace knowing that Papa was watching over all of us.  I'm sure he was smiling.  

The day was extra hard because right before we boarded the boat, my Mom got a phone call letting her know that her Uncle Marv had just passed away.  Some of you may remember that I asked you to pray for my Uncle Marv awhile back in this post.  Marvin wanted more than anything to attend his brother's service that day but he knew he was too sick to make the trip. In some ways it made my heart happy because he got to be there like he wanted.

Just as the Captain swung the ship back around so we could circle around the spot one more time, two birds appeared and flew together right behind the ship.  Right over Papa's ashes. My Mom pointed them out, laughed and said "It's Papa and Marvin!"  It was really cool.

After we got back to port we all headed back to the hotel to swim and have dinner.  We ate In N Out of course.  And after we all feasted on some yummy frozen yogurt that Uncle Donnie picked up.  You know if Uncle Donnie is around, ice cream will be involved somehow.    

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tee Shirt Time: Skellenger Family Doin's Style

Actual Date: Monday, July 25, 2011
This was the day that the Skellenger Family Doin's was in full swing.  The rest of the family arrived and everyone was so excited to see each other again.

Uncle Chris and Parker had fun riding around.

Jacob taught Brooke how to play a new game.  I love how focused they are.  Brooke's tongue is sticking out, that's a sure sign of true concentration.  

These two were born a month apart and it was great to see how well they got along and loved playing together now that they are old enough to play on their own and carry on conversations.  

The boys did... well, whatever it is that boys do.

Ann taking it all in.

While everyone was at home Chels and I ran out to pick up some last minute things for my Papa's ceremony.  He past away last Summer and we had a funeral for him (I talked about it here).  Because he was a Navy and loved being on the water he requested that his ashes be scattered at sea.  So that's what we planned to do.

While we were out and about we found this bear at Costco.  We texted our Husbands and Dads asking them if we could buy it and they all said no.  

What?!  Why not?  We NEED this in our lives.  Who could say no to that face?

After we got back to my Grandma's house Chelsea and my Uncle Don took my Grandma's old truck over to my Mom's to pick up some food and my dog Chester.  When they pulled up all I could see was Chelsea's face, which was streaked with tears from laughing so hard, and Chester.  

But where was Uncle Donnie?

Then he stood up and jumped out of the truck bed...

Apparently Chester would not scoot over once they got him in the truck.  No matter how hard they tried to get him to move, he wouldn't budge.  So poor Uncle Donnie had to ride back in the truck bed.  I can only imagine what that was like.  My Mom lives pretty far down a pretty wash- boardy dirt road.  That ride had to be a rough one.

Early in the evening my cousin Cindi pulled all the Moms aside and showed us a surprise she had brought.  

She had gotten one for everyone.

And I do mean everyone!

I downloaded every ones cameras to my computer so there are a lot of pictures to go through from that evening, almost 400 to be exact.  So, I am just going to throw up some of my favorites.  

Parker and I

That's my Fam-Damnbly.

My brother Kenny, his wife Heather, Chelsea her husband and me. 

Parker saw what we were doing and he ran over and climbed up.

Aunt Ann, Uncle Donnie, Cindi and Jacob

My Grams and 5 of her 6 siblings and some of their spouses.  

Uncle DJ, Aunt Anne and Ryan

 The extra shirt is for their sister who was unable to make it. 

The two Annes.

Take your socks off Anne, your on vacation!  (Sorry I had to. You know I love ya. :o)

Cindi that stands and Cindy that sits.

When Chelsea was younger it was confusing for her when people would talk about "Cindy" or "Cindi." Finally one day she just said "Which Cindy?  Cindi that stands or Cindy that sits?'  I just love the innocence of little kids.  

Parker and Uncle Kenny playing.

I wished we lived closer so there cold be more moments like this.

Tanner, Ryan and Jacob 

Two Jedis, Brooke and Garenn.

Nate and Jeff

Me and two of my monkeys. 

 The End

...At least someone laughs at my jokes.