Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day Fifty-Five

Actual Date: Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We decided that while Brian was still in California that we should celebrate the girls Birthday's since he was going to miss Brooke's. And what better place to celebrate than Disneyland!The only thing Brooke wanted out of the whole day was to see Cinderella. So we waited in the Princess line FOREVER. Seriously for like 2 hours. And there was no guarantee that she would be there at the end. They only keep three Princesses in there at a time, and they rotate them out. But the girls and even Tanner and Garenn were excited to see some Princesses so they were surprisingly pretty good during that long wait.
Here's Brooke "protecting" Ava from Tanner. With that stare of death look that she's giving though I don't think she needed any protection. The boredom is setting in now."I'm a Pwincess!" A lot of the girls standing in line were dressed as Princesses. So Tanner decided that the chain was his tiara and that was good enough for him.We lucked out and there was a guy in line with us that was a professional yo yoer...I'm serious now. He had a holster on his belt and everything. Apparently he does a lot of kids birthday parties so he entertained the kids for awhile and they loved it! I'm not gonna lie, I thought it was pretty cool too.Tanner LOVED Princess Tiana. He kept telling her "I'm three years old!" When we walked away she yelled "Bye Mr. three years old!" and he got so excited he ran back and said "Hey! What's your name?!" Then she yelled back "Tiana!" It was so cute.There's Belle! Brooke's other favorite. (Not the prettiest Belle though. *wink wink* Jen)My Dad had been saving up his change for the girls to roll and he let them use it to buy something special that they wanted at Disney. Ever since Garenn visited us at Easter and brought his Pluto pillow, Ava has been obsessed with it. He let her sleep with it and she was very sad when he took it home.
When Ava and I were walking back from the bathroom at some point in the day, she spotted that those Pluto pillows in a little shop and she freaked the heck out. She was so excited. She bawled crying when I had to drag her away from them to go get the money so we could actually buy one. Here she is paying for her "Poodoh."
Brooke wanted to see Cinderella so bad but we never found her. Luckily she was happy with visiting the Bippity Boppity Boutique just inside of Cinderella's castle. She got to pick out something to spend her money from Grandpa on and she picked glass slippers. She's convinced they are real glass and she loves them to pieces.

We had a blast! Thanks for the memories!

Day Fifty-Four

Actual Date: Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ava and Daddy went and played in the snow up HWY 2 while I stayed behind and made a Birthday cake for the girls. We celebrated early so that Daddy was there to join in.

This is my Martha Stewart Rainbow cake. I had been wanting to figure out how to make a rainbow cake for the girls birthday and one morning I woke up and turned on Martha and there she was, making a rainbow cake! So here's my first attempt...

Parker and Uncle Chris sporting their matching tattoo and helmet.

Day Fifty-Three

Actual Date: Monday, May 17, 2010
We went for a hike at the Devil's Punch Bowl. Just the girls, Brian, Chester and I. The girls loved it more than I thought they would. Ava made me nervous because she has no fear. I had a death grip on her hand the whole time. Brooke is a little more cautious like her Mama.
This was a rattle snake. Ava was standing there talking baby talk to it like it was a cute cuddly Koala Bear or something. It was like it was responding to her because it uncurled itself and stood up against the glass and stared at her. Creeped the heck outta me! We also met an owl named Squints. Apparently he had fallen out of his nest when he was a baby and now he lives in an exhibit there. On our way out, there was a fire truck in the parking lot. Ava was beyond excited. On the way in we had seen two school buses parked by our car and those are her favorite (after trains of course). Her third favorite is fire trucks. She was more excited about the buses and fire truck than anything else we saw that day.

Day Fifty-Two

Actual Date: Sunday, May 16, 2010

We had a fun little "Mother's Day" bbq. Even Grandma Carol, Grandpa Ray and Diane came down. It was so good to see everyone.

And I was so excited because I finally got my hands on the decals that we ordered from Bling Your Band. I had accidentally sent them to our old California address and my great friend, Angella had to go and get them for me from the new owners (thanks so much again girl!) I am so glad that Chelsea and Diane were there to help me put it on. They are the crafty ones and are sticklers for details like I am.


"Helmet laws are a bummer"

Ava and Tanner playing. We had to catch it on film because those two have the hardest time getting along with each other. They both like to play alone. At Easter they could not get along to save their lives. By the look on Tanner's face, I think he's still a little suspicious of Ava's motives.

Ava loved ridding the skate board while Grandpa pushed her around. (Notice the big girl panties! We're trying!)

Brooke and Uncle Chris playing ball.

Happy Birthday Nate!

I guess I didn't take one that night of Parker's finished band. I have some from later on though that I will post.

Day Fifty-One

Actual Date: Saturday, May 15, 2010

We made it! And honestly, it wasn't as bad as you would expect with three kids and a dog along for the ride.