Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On Being Human: This Is The Stuff

Today has surely been "one of those days" and I just need a minute to be human for a second.  Since this afternoon I've had this song on repeat in my mind.  I had to just to make it through.  

I had a hint that it was going to be "one of those days" when I woke up in a puddle of urine...

Don't worry, it wasn't mine..  Although I'm not sure which would be worse?  

Parker woke up again last night with a fever.  And by fever I mean 104.5 burning hot lava fever.  Needless to say I wasn't sending him back to bed when he was that sick so we let him sleep with us.  I had been pumping him full of ice water trying to bring the fever down and keep him hydrated. Well, this morning it back fired on me... literally! 

Long story short here's the summary of my day:

*Two kids with fevers

*Two kids with Strep Throat

*One kid that had to get two shots today and literally had her first ever  full blown, knock down, drag out fit right in the Doctors office because she was so scared.  I've never seen her like that. 

*One kid pooped in the bathtub

*One kid "accidentally peed" in her sisters bed because she was too busy to stop playing

*I accidentally pulled out the stitches in my mouth from my surgery last Monday

*I lost the paperwork for the kids school so I had to run around town and get those all filled out- again

But none of that, not even all of that together was as rough as having to say good bye to a cherished friend this morning.  

Friday a Pastor at our church, passed away unexpectedly.  This man and his family have truly been a blessing to me and our family since we've moved here.   I often joked with him that since his grand babies live far away and my kids grandparents live so far that he was our honorary PawPaw.  And that's what we called him, the "PawPaw Pastor."  That's what everyone called him.  

My kids are forever trying to talk me into going to their frozen yogurt shop by sweetly saying "Mom, can we go visit PawPaw Wayne and Mrs. Margret?!"  I'm pretty sure they love Wayne and Margret as much as the yogurt.  I know I do.

It's moments like today when you really have to stop and put things into prospective.  Yes- I am exhausted: physically, mentally and emotionally after today.  But even now, as I'm getting ready to end this crazy day with swollen eyes from crying and a pounding headache I am going to bed with a smile and a humble heart. 

*I smile because I had the privilege to know Wayne.  For him to be my mentor in children's ministry.  To call him my friend.

*I smile because there was not a dry eye or an empty chair in that huge church today and I know he meant as much to them as he did to me.  He truly was a legend and he left a great legacy to prove it.

*I smile because God trusts me to take care of these, His children when they are sick.  

*I smile because we have the resources and the ability to take care of our children when they are sick.

*I smile because I have an amazing support system that allows me to take a day or two and be real about the hurt/anger/sadness I feel towards losing my friend.  But they also rejoice with me knowing that he is surely in Heaven with our precious Lord.

*I smile because somehow through it all I was somehow able to get 4 loads of laundry done; including both sets of pee soaked sheets!  

I'm not going to lie.  I did my fair share of crying today.  I cried over spilled water cups, I cried over having to clean up pee for what felt like the hundredth time today.  But you know what?  This is the stuff that He is using to show me that this "stuff" doesn't matter.  As much as it feels like it in the moment- in the end, it doesn't really matter.  (Quick!  Name that song.)  Does that make sense?  

Our Pastor said it best today during the service, "When it comes down to it, the things that matter the most are:  Who you love and who loves you.  That's what you should live your life for.  That's what Wayne lived his life for."  

"Live Simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly and leave the rest to God."

That was Wayne's favorite saying and he sure lived every bit of it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Family Picture Day

I forgot to add these two pictures on my last post.  Krekles is the local burger joint in Brian's home town.  I began my love affair with it on my first trip back there years ago and it was love at first bite.  The burgers are juicy and the ice cream is divine.  

Grandma and Ava waiting on our order.

We spent lots of time playing in the water in Grandpa and Grandma's back yard.  It was hot!

One evening while we where there my Mother In Love had arranged for us to have some family pictures taken.  We got to the spot a little early so I had to sneak a few pictures of my own while everyone was all dolled up.  This doesn't happen everyday so I had to get proof of it!


Brian's cousin Amy was our photographer.  I so wish we lived closer so a) our kids could play together more and b) so Amy and I could play together more!  I wish she could teach me everything she knows because she is an amazing photographer.

One more little tid-bit that we learned that evening.  The kids pointed it our actually. Matt and Amy's three kids and our three kids all have the same eyes.  All three of my kids have different colored eyes; brown, blue and hazel.  So do hers!  How crazy is that?!

It was good to see you and the kiddos Amy!  Can't wait to see the pictures you got.  I know they'll be amazing!

Vacation Rewind

Guess who got to go in for emergency dental surgery this morning because she broke her tooth on a Swedish Fish...

You read that right.  A Swedish Fish.  Those chewy candies.  

Yeah so I had a tooth that had been having some sensitivity problems since last year.  We did not one but two root canals on it and they had just decided our last chance to salvage the tooth would be to put a crown on it.  They put a temporary crown on while the permanent one was being made.  I was given strict orders not to chew anything chewy on that side or it might just pop it right off.

Well, I momentarily suffered short term memory loss and I grabbed ONE Swedish Fish and popped it in my mouth.  After a few bites I bit down on something hard and heard a crack.  My first thought was "What the heck was in that fish?  I am so going to sue that company!"  Then I spit it out of my mouth and looked at it.  It took me a second to recognize my temporary crown, or what was left of it. 

I had cracked it!  Luckily I called the Doc and they said that they had just received my permanent crown so come on in and they'd get it on for me.

So yeah that was fun... Then we went on to California and I didn't think anything of it.  Until that tooth started hurting that is.  By the time I got home the tooth was swollen and the gums were bruised around it.  X rays confirmed sure enough it was infected and apparently I cracked not just the temporary crown but also my tooth on that dumb fish!

Ugh!  Anyways, all that to say - I got my tooth pulled out of my face this morning and now I'm home resting under the care of Dr. Brian and his 3 assistants.  I figured I'd take advantage of this time and try to get caught up on my posting about all our shenanigans from this Summer.  We've been so busy having too much fun that I haven't had time to keep up with things around here.

When I last left off we were still in Illinois having fun with Brian's family.  There is a great zoo just down the street from Brian's parents house and the kids loved it!  Heck, we all loved it!

We got to feed the goats.

Or rather the goats kind of helped themselves to the food Chris purchased.

One of the kids favorite parts was riding the train around the place looking at the animals.

I love this moment I caught between Brian and Parker.  Parker talked the entire ride.  He was Daddy's own private tour guide.  Who needs the tour guide conductor when you have Parker around?

My girls!

Parker was not very fond of the "crock-e-dial."  Daddy had to carry him past that part because he froze up and said "Crock-e-dial going bite me!"

Here's Brooke doing her very best Prairie Dog impression.

And my little Avers.

And this cute little man.  I just can't get enough of him.