Monday, June 25, 2012


Currently... I've been obsessed with the new carwash I found.  It's my new happy place.  It's cheap but they do a good job and the best part is: free Cherry Limeade!  Well free soft drinks and coffee but the Cherry Limeade is my favorite.  I'm thinking about applying for a job there just so I can get paid in Cherry Limeade. 

Having a clean car would be a plus too...

Currently... We decided that we should let the kids pick something small from the Treasure Box when they get to the half way mark in their jar because it's taking a while to fill it up.  Not because they're not getting beads most days but just it's clear it's going to take a lot of beads to get to the top.  We didn't want the kids to loose interest because it took so long so we came up with the half way mark reward.  

Ava was the first to reach it!  Mostly because of her "Only pick big beads" therory.  But hey, it's working for her. She choose this fun little bug watch that I found at the Dollar Tree.  One of her little best friends has one and Ava's been wanting one for awhile now.

(To read about the Treasure box click here)

Currently... We scored an awesome deal on this DVD player for the car.  I have a feeling it's going to be a very wise investment that pays for itself a million times over.  Especially with our two back to back road trips coming up.  

Currently... We spent some time at the Museum of Automotive History in Dallas.  The kids enjoyed it a lot more than I thought they would.  They were more and more excited with every car.  Parker thought a lot of the older cars were "tractors."    

After we were done at the museum we decided to walk right next door to the Cotton Bowl and check out the free dog show they had going on.  Holy moly that place was crazy.  Dogs everywhere.  You could bring your dog and they also had dogs to adopt.  They even had cats there to adopt too.  Brian kept commenting that it would be a bad day to be a cat in a place like that.  He asked "How nervous do you think these cats are right now?"

As we were walking around I spotted a table with that guy from the Animal Planet show Pit Boss.  We've watched it a few times and it's pretty amazing the work he is doing.  The line to meet him was pretty long but I had to at least get a picture of him.

Currently this Baby Man is getting to big.  His new thing is "I'm just too wittle (little)."  Anytime you ask him to do something he doesn't want to do, like clean up, he puts his hands up in a I don't know kind of stance and says "I'm just too wittle.  I'm just... *head tilt to the side* ...just so...  so wittle..."

How can you argue with that?

Currently... I took the girls to see Brave.  Ava and one of her little besties, Grayson have been waiting for this day for a long time.  They even had the matching dresses and everything.  They were so excited.

Just a word of warning to anyone who hasn't taken their kids to see it yet.  There's a scene at the end that is a little scary.  I wish someone would have warned me.  I still would have taken the girls to see it I think but I could have warned them or been ready for it.  Ava jumped in my lap and held on for dear life and Brooke cried.  

Why do they make scenes like that so long in Disney movies?  Is that really necessary?  Anyways, we had two upset little girls last night at bedtime.  Ava wanted to sleep with Brooke because she didn't want to be alone and Brooke was in hysterics because she was afraid she would have a nightmare.  

Other than that one part I would highly recommend the movie.  It was super cute.  It's no Tangled but it was still good!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tiny Dancers

Saturday was the day of the big recital.  I love watching them preform.  It makes my heart super happy (If your a Mom of a child ages 6 or under- a image of Kai-lan probably just popped into your head) and so proud.  

This was Brooke's second year preforming and she acted like she's been doing it her whole life.  After she came off the stage and got her flowers I said "smile" and this is the pose she struck.

The girls with their sweet friend Lily.

Two Teddy Bears!  Ava and her friend Brylee.  It was really fun watching their class because for most of them it was their first time preforming.  They were super cute!

I was a little worried how Ava would do because the stage mom for her class told me after dress rehersal that morning that when Ava went on stage during practice, she turned around and faced the back of the stage the whole time.  She said she did the whole dance perfect, just turned around backwards!  Yikes!

I tried not to make a big deal about it, I just reminded her that she needed remember to turn and face the chairs because Daddy and Mommy would be out there smiling at her.  I guess that worked because she did great!

Brooke and her teacher Miss Baylee.  She was such a blessing this year.  Brooke absolutely adores Miss Baylee and she was such a shinning example and role model to all the girls she was teaching.

Ava and her flowers.  The girls asked Daddy if they could get Sonic on the way home because they did such a good job.  Of course he said yes. But not two seconds after we were in the car Ava fell asleep. We finally got her to wake up and tell us what kind of ice cream she wanted.  After the important things like ordering ice cream where out of the way Ava said "Mom, get a picture of me with my sunflowers!"

Good job girls!  I'll never get tired of watching my babies do things they love.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Party Time: American Girl Style!

After weeks of waiting... and waiting... the time had finally come!

Time to kiss Daddy goodbye...

And head to the American Girl store for Brooke's 6th birthday party!

We got there a little early but the girls didn't mind.  They had fun running around the store checking everything out.

Did you know there's a full on salon where you can make an appointment for your doll to do anything from get her ears pierced, her hair done or even have a full spa treatment right down to the cucumber slices on the eyes?!?  Do you think that girl went to cosmetology school to work there?  

The girls greeting Peyton as she arrived. 

At the Bistro they have a whole set up where you can pick out a doll to use for the party if you didn't bring one.  They even have little high chairs for them that clip on the table so the dolls can be part of the party too.

Let's get this party started!

Every person got to pick out what drink they wanted, a appetizer and a main course.  

And all the food was sooo yummy.

Me and my girls.

Cake time!

Present time!

I think it's safe to say that these girls had fun.  Thank you girls for coming out to celebrate Brooke's 6th Birthday.  You made her day very special.

This girl made out like a bandit.  Who's going to carry all that to the car?!

So for anyone who is thinking about having a party at the American Girl store, I highly recommend it!  It really wasn't too pricey.  Actually, it was less than half the price than what we recently spent on Ava's Rapunzel party at home.  Not to mention, half the stress!  The best part: all we did was show up!  

They did everything: they sent the invites; I had to fill them out and get them to the girls but that was no problem. They cook the food and clean it all up.  They provide the cake and ice cream.  And they provided the goodie bags which had some really good loot in there!

With two American Girl Doll obsessed ladies (Maybe even three if you count me... It's true it's starting to rub off on me) in this house we're sure to make a repeat Birthday appearance there I'm sure.  

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to the two most amazing men in my life.

My Dad

And my Hubby!

p.s. Chester says Happy Father's day too!

p.p.s. Hurry over to Paper Coterie (my newest obsession) and grab those silly Father's Day print outs for yourself!  {via}

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Currently... There was this beautiful sunset as we were leaving church.  Nice little treat after a great service message; "Show me your friends and I will show you your future."  

Currently... We have been cheering Daddy on the past couple Fridays as he plays indoor soccer with a team of guys from his work.  It's so fun to watch.  The first week Parker sat in the stands and yelled at Brian the whole time.  

"Get the ball Dada!  Run!  You gotta go faser (faster)!"

Currently... I got gas and I noticed that some extra dripped out when I was putting the handle up.  When I looked down I saw that it had made a perfect Mickey Mouse head shape.  Do you see it?  It made me anxious for our California trip this Summer.

Currently... I had a horrible migraine.  At one point in the afternoon I couldn't even lift my head off the pillow.  At nap time I crawled into Ava's bed with a icepack and tried get some relief.  I love that bed.  Especially during nap time.  It's dark and cozy.  Kinda like a cave.

Currently... We've been enjoying lots of fun family movie nights and staying up late now that it's Summer!

Currently... Parker man had fun at the mall water park.  He kept running around giggling in that little high pitched giggle he has and yelling "Mama, look at all the waterfalls!"

 Currently... We celebrated Brooke's birthday (a few weeks late but who's counting) at the American Girl Doll store with a few of her friends from school.  It was so much fun and I will blog more about it later. 

 I so want to have my birthday party there next year!  Hey, our anniversary is coming up next month... Maybe I can talk Brian into celebrating there. NOT! 

Currently... We unTangled Rapunzel's hair.  This poor doll, her hair was so long and beautiful the day we got her.  Two hours (more like two minutes later) it was a huge tangled (Pun intended) mess.  I finally just braided it into one big braid because it looked so bad.  

Then one day I was perusing around Pintrest and found a tutorial {via} on how to make those locks look like new again with a little fabric softener, water and a wig brush.  Worked like a charm!  I'm filing that one way in my bag of tricks for later for sure.

Currently... Brian and I earned our official redneck Texan badges.  We've had some storms roll through our area recently and one evening the clouds were a little scary.  We stood outside like a bunch of bumpkins watching the sky's.  Brian even got on top of his car at one point to get a better look.  It was weird because if you looked out our back porch, the sky's were clear and blue.  But out the front something completely different was going on.

Currently... The girls are worn the heck out.  Monday through Thursday this week they had VBS.  On top of that they've been practicing for their recital that is later today.  Stay tuned!  You know I'll be posting pictures of that!