Friday, April 19, 2013

"Know That You're Loved"

Lately with everything going on in the news my heart has been heavy thinking of all the families affected.  It has brought me to my knees in prayers of safety and protection over my family and loved ones.

Last night Ava and Parker had their Spring Program at their school.  They were absolutely adorable of course but one of the songs that Ava's class did got me thinking. 

"Be careful little eyes what you see... For the Father up above is looking down in love."

I really have learned a lot about this in the last year as my kids are getting older.  I have found that I can't even watch the news now when they are with me because there is so much ugliness in the world and it scares them.

I want them to have a healthy fear of the world around them.  Yes there is evil but it's not around every corner.  There is a lot of good in the world and the world needs the good news of God's love.  Yes there are people that do bad thing.  But for everyone one of those people there are hundreds more running in putting their lives on the line to help.

"Be careful little ears what you hear... For the Father up above is looking down in love."

A lot of times there is a lot of dramatics added to things on the radio or news.  One thing I learned from my years of training in early childhood education is children's brains are not developed enough to deal with "adult" issues.  They simply cannot process and separate it from themselves. If they hear it or see it; in their minds-they're next.  

"Be careful little feet where you go... For the Father up above is looking down in love."

As much as I want to protect my babies, I cannot be with them every step of the way.  The best thing Brian and I can do is instill morals and values in them today and pray that they hold fast to the truths of the Word all the days of their lives.

"Be careful little heart who you love... For the Father up above is looking down in love."

Even now Brian and I are praying for whatever prince shall come and win our girls hearts.  Likewise we pray that Parker will be the kind of man that will seek a woman strongly grounded in her faith and be the kind of man she needs him to be.

I once heard a quote that said "A woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man will have to seek Him first to find her."  I love this!

"Be careful little mind what you think... For the Father up above is looking down in love."

Our minds are powerful things.  Sometimes we hear thoughts that are straight from the devil an believe them to be true.  It's hard to do but I pray that my children are able to take negative thoughts captive and believe the truth that God made each of us special.  

After the program two of Ava's sweet friends ran up to her and they where giggling and hugging.  I absolutely love their love for each other.  It's pure and it's simple.  Life is good in their world, just as it should be.

I pray that as these sweet little girls grow that they will "know that they're loved."

The past couple days I have had this song on repeat.  It really speaks to my heart.  This morning Ava was in my bathroom and I was doing her hair.  After I finished I sat down on the tub and held her close while we both sang this song.  Tears were just flowing down my face as I prayed that she, and all my children will never doubt that they are loved.  That they have earthly parents who love them to the moon and back and a Heavenly Father who knows every hair on their head.

Today I pray that no matter your circumstance-YOU "know that you are loved."

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